Who we are

Worldwide Exposure is a full service sponsorship agency producing and facilitating unique experiences of an exceptional standard with an emphasis on creativity and innovation. Specialising in high-perceived-value activity, Worldwide Exposure helps brands and individuals reach their target market and operate successfully within the market place.

We specialise in delivering “money can’t buy” opportunities with a focus on brand message, strategic impact and the brand’s sales.

What We Do

As a sponsorship agency we work closely with brands and rights holders to facilitate all aspects of the sponsorship.  We are experienced at working successfully and efficiently with third party agencies when necessary and to being on recommended agencies where appropriate.  We also provide PR, Brand Marketing and Events services which can be integrated into a sponsorship strategy or stands alone as a separate agency service and brand asset.


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Worldwide Exposure is the exclusive sponsorship and marketing agency for The Global Party. From Monte Carlo to Mongolia, Portugal to Peru, Italy to India, the USA to the UAE, England to Estonia, Jamaica to Japan, Croatia to China and South Africa to Spain – hundreds of thousands of people have come together to have a good time in some of the world’s finest nightclubs in support of The Global Charity Trust’s Global Party. The Global Party is the world’s largest luxury charity event, created to promote the concept of giving back, and since the official launch in 2011 The Global Party has spanned 120 countries with hundreds of parties. After a very successful Global Party in June where 191 cities participated and with a Facebook reach of over 2.8 million people, the next Global Party will take place with simultaneous exclusive events on Saturday 12th September with a maximum of one per city.

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